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Link Building

A growing number of search engines use link popularity in their ranking. Google uses it as its most important factor in ranking sites. MSN, Yahoo, and others use link popularity in their formulas. Eventually every major engine will use link popularity, so developing and maintaining it are essential to your search engine placement.

Link popularity can do a lot for your site. Not only will many search engines rank you higher, but links from other sites will also drive more traffic to you.

Not just numbers
Link popularity is much more than a measure of how many links point a site. Search engines use far more sophisticated formulas to gauge how popular sites are. In general, however, link popularity is measured the following three factors:

  1. Number of Links - The more, the better. Although lots of irrelevant links are less effective than a few relevant ones, they're better than nothing. Inktomi, a company that provides search results to engines like HotBot, still values the number of links more than anything else.

  2. Relevance - Search engines prioritize incoming links from pages that are relevant to the page in question. For example, if you sell puppy food, a link from a dog food supplier can boost your rankings more than one from, say, your sister's gardening site.

  3. Link text - The text used to describe a link can also affect your rankings. These three links all point to the same URL but use different text:

    Search engine
    Click here

    Search engines' spiders figure that any words other sites use to describe site are particularly relevant. So, if lots of sites linking to use keywords in their link text, search engines will boost your for those keywords.

How will ClickTraffic develop a quality link exchange program for my website?

There are many ways in which we will help you improve your link popularity. Some of them include, but are not limited to:

  • One Way Link Building
  • Exchange Programs
  • Relationships with other webmasters
  • Submitting new links to search engines
  • Checking who links to your competition

Ready to get started?

Contact us at 888-525-4257 to help your business get listed listed in the top of local search results for Google, Yahoo and Bing.