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Video Marketing

Video marketing has become one of the most important advertising tools in small business and entrepreneurship today. In fact, a number of marketers are using video marketing in the place of any other marketing tool, not to mention, small business owners prefer to choose video promotions as compared to any other form of marketing. And the strongest form of video marketing today is through none other than YouTube.

Millions of people visit YouTube every single day. To date, there are more YouTube videos watched each month (10 billion) in the US than there are searches on Google. This exposure and speed are what attract many marketers to uploading small business promotional videos to YouTube. YouTube is the fastest growing site in Internet history, streaming more than 100 million videos a day (two Super Bowl audiences each day), receives 7,000 uploads a day, and YouTube site visits average a whopping 30 minutes. And that's only the beginning of the outrageous YouTube statistics.

5 Reasons Video Marketing is Important:

  • Still a early technology
  • Web ranking of videos
  • Consumers love to watch videos
  • Branding and Image
  • They attract attention

Ready to get started?

We can help you dominate Google, Bing, and Yahoo quickly with video marketing. Contact us at 888-525-4257 for more information!